“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” And yes this team has such a caliber…”

Recruitment Consultant

Shalini M is the name which is in the roots of the company. SRPL is the emerging name in the market, but its unit of staffing solution has notable history and Shalini is an integral part of that. Although she is a Recruitment Consultant but as a central part of the company she takes care of other departments as well. As a recruitment consultant, she always gives best to the clients. In her core domain she is excellent, employer and talents both get perfect position what they deserve for the sake of her bridging. Her problem solving nature always helps company to survive and win every condition.

Chief Manager- Client Acquisition

As a Chief Manager- Client acquisition Vikas Sarin is known as a one man army in his field. He knows all the techniques to turn possibilities into the goal. The ability to form new relationships and manage old ones is what separates him from average ones. Identifying group business which are not in the company’s portfolio and pursue the clients to work with the company is his key strength. Being an active part of the company he always tries to make a balance between hierarchy and subordinates. Her friendly nature with his team and clients and excellent strategic thinking make him an asset for the company.

Manager Operations

Manger operation is a person on whom the future of company relay. If you have not a good Operation Manager then company’s business will have no hope for growth in the future. In this field Sources Redefined Pvt. Ltd. is lucky to have Satish Goel as Manager Operation. Being an operations manager, he involves in overseeing and having responsibility for all the activities in the organization which contribute to the effective production of goods and services. With effective communication and strong analytical skills he is always ready to take initiative and not only take the initiative but ends the task at a positive node.

Associate Legal & Compliance

As an Associate Legal & Compliance Mukesh Kumar Sharma is responsible for assisting in legal matters related to transactions, Legal compliances, Secretarial matters and other matters. With Strong interpersonal & influencing skills and ability to work in a team-oriented and collaborative environment, he do his work with full dedication. His good public relations and thrust to update himself with latest knowledge make him the leader of his domain. The company is in safe hand on the legal matters with Mukesh. He is not only having deep knowledge in his field, but in the strong communicating and conventional power makes him formalist.

Sr. Manager Client Acquisition

Always ran towards the challenge, instead of running away from it. Loving the challenges and always ready to serve for others. As Sr. Manager Client Acquisition his duty is to make a positive environment in his team and maintain equilibrium with clients and subordinates. His ability about translating the overall strategy into key deliverables for the different channels is excellent and also the skills of Identify and penetrate new markets to grow the organization’s market share. He is mind blowing in establish and manage partnerships with key stakeholders and leverage opportunities for the organization.

Strategic Consultant

Sameer Ahuja, Strategic Consultant of the company helps organizations to solve issues, create value, maximum growth and improve business performance. His prime concern with the company is to make strategy for a company on the macro and micro level aimed with making business grow by acquiring new clients as well as getting man force for business. His more than ten years of experience as strategic consultant makes him expert to identify the problems and seeking solutions. Analytical skills and high level of initiative nature, not only to identify where action is needed, but to respond in a timely manner makes him perfect for his position.

Co-founder & Managing Director

His nameplate reflects the Co-founder and Managing Director of the company. He is not a part of company but the soul of the company. Sources Redefined Pvt. Ltd. is his dream, before this dream company’s units were working as individual entities, he is the one who brings all the units under the one name and sown the seed of a future empire. His idea generating power and insightful knowledge of diverse domains sometimes astound others, he is man of solutions not only questions. Remarkable business skills and the art of motivating his employees is the best part of his personality. With the sideline of guitar and music his dreams are so high and his energetic, ambitious, creative and sensitive nature always fuel up his team to kiss the success. His presence only is sufficient to fill the environment with positivity and optimism.

Manager - Human Resources

For any company their Human Resource Manager is a person who works as the interlinking channel among all the units of the company and have ability to work in all the situations and capacity to deal with all the problems. Her academic qualifications have a long list from post graduate in Public Relation to MBA in International business and Human Resources, but these academic portfolios never push her to be a book worm. Her real learning comes from the lessons of life and the professional exposure Rachna k. has done masters in dealing with all the adverse condition and converts them in the favor of the company. Her jovial nature and skills to deal with all gray areas makes her a perfect H.R. for the company. Multitasking and problem solving Rachna not only do her job, but adore her job.

Co-Founder & Director

Being a dreamer and goal oriented person Deepti M dreamed about a company which have all the power to shudder their clients by their quality work, with the dream of perfection she founded the company with other team members to deliver client satisfactory services. Deepti is a live example of 4C’s of innovation- the context, creativity, capabilities and the most important culture. She is analytical amiable & expressive and knows the art of leadership. She is very good in the motivating the team member and bring out the best output from team. Being a founder member of the company she faced many ups and downs in the growth journey, in all the situation she stands with the company with full strength and support.