Digital Manipulation – Alteration of Images and Mind

A good photographer is that who can click the special moments with perfect timing. Sometime we see the images which we think that how a photographer manages to click that image. Sometimes the images are really a masterwork of the photographer but some time it is the result of imagination and hard work of a graphic designer. A graphic designer can do a lot with any image. Retouching, color change, manipulation and many more techniques are available, with which a graphic designer can create a wonderful image.

Why Digital Manipulation is so Popular

What is Digital Manipulation?       

A digital manipulation is a resulting image may have little or no resemblance to the photo (or photos in the case of compositing) from which it originated. Today, photo manipulation is widely accepted as an art form. In a photo manipulation some trim work done only with one image and the use of creativity of designers and sometime more than one image are merged and resulting an outstanding masterpiece.

Why Digital Manipulation is so Popular?

Everyone needs some out of the box graphics for their work, demands and imagination of clients goes higher day by day and this gives fuel to graphic designers to do experiments in their field. Graphic manipulation is one of the best examples of these types of experiments and gives their client a unique work.

Digital Manipulation – Alteration of Images and Mind

Ethics for Digital Manipulation:

This art needs very high ethical values, because for this a designer used many images and then transform them into a new one. So if you are using the images of any other person then the best way is to take prior permission about using those images or if you this is not practically possible then give credit to that source. This is not only for this particular work, but should follow in daily life that don’t take credit of any others work.

Also avoid manipulation art for misguiding the people. Don’t create such image which gives a wrong message or misguide people about the facts.

 Graphic designing is the art in which changes take on the daily basis, and these changes give you the innovative images which force you think twice about the creativity of the designer and willingly you will give a salute to the designer.

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