Parking Lots- Safe With The Modern Surveillance Equipment

It’s a well-known fact the locations where the people and their valuables are together are the favorite target of criminals. When ever we see the crime sights of terrorist activities busy market areas, parking lots and garages are the hit points. The reason behind these activities is that, at these area, lots of people and valuables are present in one place and cause a bigger harm by only one act.

Parking Lots- Safe With The Modern Surveillance Equipment

Securities of these areas are necessary and not only security of man power, but the security by latest technology. Following are some surveillance equipment which could be installed in the parking lots for ensuring safety of vehicles and the peoples.

CCTV Cameras:

CCTV cameras are the prime surveillance equipment which are installed for monitoring the area. The digital parking lot video surveillance security camera helps in following ways:

  • Catch Thieves/Vandals
  • Protect Drivers
  • View Acts of Violence
  • Any Suspicious Activity
  • Monitor Accidents

The cameras also help catch Vandals, Protect Drivers and other serious problems that threaten the roads.

Entrance Management:

At the main entry of parking there is an entrance management system, which has a check on the entry and exit of vehicles. These systems can operate manually, by using codes and by other sensors. The main benefit of this system that the number and identity of vehicle is registered at the time of entry and exit, this helps to maintain the record of vehicles for future references.

Bomb Detector:

Bomb detector is very essential equipment because vehicles are the very easy carrier for the explosives. At the entry gate bomb detector scan the vehicle for the explosive. This scanning should be done very carefully because if the other systems fails then the loss of one vehicle, but if this system fails the entire area.

Fire Alarm:

Fire is also a big threat for the parking lots, because all the vehicles carrying highly inflammable fuels which cause explosion if a single spark come in contact with these. For the parking areas all the electric appliances and fire alarms should be checked time to time.

As the buying capacity of everyone is increasing day by day and parking lots become the necessity. To maintain the peace and security it is necessary to take parking lot safety seriously for the safety of people and their belongings.